Pacific Real Estate Partners is a privately held real estate investment firm focused on value-add investment opportunities

Since 2005, we have used a highly proactive and disciplined investment approach to acquire over $200 million in diversified assets throughout the western half of the United States. Our core strategy has been to purchase under-performing real estate assets where there is an opportunity to add value. Our success is a direct result of our expertise in implementing difficult repositioning plans and maximizing financing strategies to create value for our partners.

With the ability to uncover unique properties, recognizing their potential and quickly pursuing the opportunity, we have developed a highly selective approach in real estate investment. Our platform includes a select range of services such as acquisitions, finance, due diligence, asset management, construction management and value engineering to execute the business plan for each asset. We have consistently maintained a successful track record of strong returns – outperforming traditional industry and market benchmarks.



We have established a reputation of credibility in the real estate market by doing things well, time and time again. We are able to leverage our longstanding relationships in local real estate markets to acquire and reposition underperforming properties. A combination of patience, discipline and credibility have allowed us to consistently identify properties with value creation potential.


Our innovative financing, repositioning and management expertise allows us to operate in compressed timeframes and challenging market conditions. use We proven concepts and strategies which are custom fit for our target property markets to successfully meet our predefined goals. Our local relationships and in-house management expertise allows us to have tighter control of our properties – ultimately bringing costs down and increasing return potential. Our affiliated multifamily platform, Sterling Real Estate Partners, has a $30M equity facility with a private equity partner to acquire over $100M in value-add multifamily investments.


Our unique approach allows us to take advantage of underperforming assets and rely less on market conditions to produce strong returns. We maximize the investment potential of each property by executing timely dispositions, allowing us to continually reinvest in new properties and markets.


We bring the highest level of commitment to every transaction and every property under management.

Our commitment to innovation and diversification, in addition to maintaining a keen eye on current market trends keeps us at the forefront of the real estate market. We implement aggressive and disciplined strategies to take advantage of our experience and relationships to achieve outstanding results for our partners.


Multifamily Investments

Our platform capitalizes on underserved markets to purchase and renovate class-B and class-C multifamily buildings to cater to people earning median incomes without having to compete with more expensive, luxury units under construction.


Commercial Investments

We invest in a wide range of commercial real estate properties with a focus on the Western half of the United States. With a decade of experience in the commercial real estate industry, we have earned a solid reputation for speed, flexibility, and reliability in bringing even the most complex acquisitions to a successful close.


Sterling Real Estate Holdings

Our affiliated multifamily platform, Sterling Real Estate Holdings, is a joint venture with Barker Pacific Group and is capitalized with a $30M equity commitment to acquire over $100M in value-add multifamily investments.
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